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Fruitbats & Screwballs.

Deborah Wilkinson, owner of Fruitbats & Screwballs was very fortunate to have an amazing Grandmother who was a master seamstress. Her Grandmother, May, taught her to sew from a very young age. She was taken around the best cloth halls and fabric shops that Leeds had to offer, and shown the process of finding the best wools and textiles. Sewing and crafting have been in Deborah's family for a very long time.
After a short period in commercial sewing, working for SR Gent, Deborah realised Fruitbats & Screwballs; her own business, dealing in unique women's clothing . Having been taught how to knit and crochet, she implemented this into her business.

Deborah has always been a huge fan of all things wool, tartan and tweed; she loves colour. She sources her materials locally and she does her very best to use natural fibers that have a relatively low impact on the environment.
 We are all responsible for the world we live in, and this is something that hasn't evaded Fruitbats & Screwballs.
Since the inception of her company in 2015, she has been taken on by Leeds fashion co-operative, Fashion Pony. She has her creations on commission in boutiques in Leeds, Hebdon Bridge and in Afflecks, Manchester. She has also shown her work at Manchester Fashion Week 2016 and more recently Liverpool Fashion Week 2016 where she was featured in the '10 best moments of Liverpool Fashion Week',

Fruitbats & Screwballs has only just begun, and is only ever looking forward.


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